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​​The Secrets of a Moonlit Night
An Oddflower Novella

A governess with a swindler’s past
Sinister rumors of a mysterious figure known as the Half-Faced Man swirl around the ruins of Northcliffe Abbey. But governess Elizabeth Nightingale is an old hat at the swindler’s game. She knows claptrap when she peddles it. So, when the real Half-Faced Man comes to her door demanding she keep her three young charges away from his property, Elizabeth isn’t frightened by his scars. She’s frightened by how easily he sees through her disguise to the woman beneath.

A man who looks past the scars 
Renovating an ancient abbey is hard enough without village gossip, ghost-shy workmen, and curious neighbor children to contend with. Architect Thomas Warwick doesn’t need any more complications. And it doesn’t get more complicated than being trapped inside his cellar with the bewitching governess next door.

A night to bring secrets into the light
 Battling a blazing attraction neither expected, Thomas and Elizabeth find reasons to trust in each other. Can two hearts with so many scars become a match made in moonlight? Or will the abbey’s haunted past threaten a love that’s just begun?​

A Midnight Requiem: The Ghostly Hour

​A Midnight Requiem: The Ghostly Hour

An Historical Romance Collection

When doors creak in darkened chambers and eerie sounds echo through the corridors. When the distant sounds of church bells signal the midnight hour — that is the time when spirits dwell, singing their spectral requiem for lost loves and beckoning the living with ghostly fingers… join us, join us….

Welcome to A Midnight Requiem: The Ghostly Hour!

Love haunted houses, ghostly graveyards, and spooky fun? Fifteen of your favorite historical romance authors have come together to bring you a collection of ghastly delight and spectral passion. Enjoy haunting love stories that will have you reading them again… and again.

Enjoy stories from the following authors:

Kathryn Le Veque
Chasity Bowlin
Mary Lancaster
Maeve Greyson
Whitney Blake
Jillian Eaton
Mary Wine
Elisa Braden
Nicole Locke
Kathleen Ayers
Elizabeth Rose
Mia Pride
Sky Purington
Anna Bradley
Celeste Barclay

Ghost stories have never been so fun – or so romantic! It’s a Halloween Treat from Dragonblade authors and friends!

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