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Once Upon a Haunted Romance

An Historical Romance Collection

When spooky manors and or ghostly coastlines call, this stunning collection of haunted Historical Romance novellas is sure to leave you breathless with ethereal, romantic tales…

Welcome to ONCE UPON A HAUNTED ROMANCE anthology!

Many of your favorite Historical Romance authors have come together for a collection of never-before-published stories inspired by legendary hauntings in the British Isles. A derelict old castle? A spectral lady wandering the forests? These tales will give you a chill, a thrill, and have you reading them over and over. From the moors of Devon to the ballrooms of Regency London, and far north into the Scottish Highlands, these stories will bring you wistful dreams of legendary and haunting romance. You’ve never before experienced a collection like this by some of the very best authors in Historical Romance.

Authors in this anthology include:

Meara Platt
Chasity Bowlin
Mary Wine
Lexi Post
Mary Lancaster
Maeve Greyson
Sofie Darling
Mia Pride
Elisa Braden
Elizabeth Rose

Lock your doors, light your candle, and settle down to this smashing collection of darkly-tinged romantic stories with unforgettable heroes and magnificent ladies. Romance has never been so daring… or so haunting!

Once Upon a Haunted Romance Collection

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Featuring the brand-new novella by Elisa Braden:

Once Upon a Haunted Knight

Every dream job has a catch
Housekeeper Adeline Black’s new position seems too good to be true. Dusting a collection of peculiar relics? Too easy. Having a splendid house all to herself? Too lovely. Addy’s not about to question why she was told to never open the library door. Or why there’s a mysterious portrait of a medieval knight locked inside. But libraries need dusting, too. And what’s the harm in chatting with a knight over tea? It’s not as if he’s real. It’s not as if she’s falling in love. 

Every portrait has a story
Sir Hugh Marshal is very real. Unfortunately, so is his curse. Trapped in an eternal prison, he’ll take whatever distraction he can get, even if she’s a bookish housekeeper with a stubborn streak and a vexing sense of whimsy. Even if he might be falling in love.  

Every curse has a key
When Addy realizes Sir Hugh is more real than she imagined, she vows to help free him. But the curse will kill anyone who tries to break it—including the stubborn woman who’s captured his heart … the woman he must drive away before his curse becomes her downfall.